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So let me give you four targets you can hit. I know, we all love Jesus. But is that what motivates us? Let me be honest about what I love; I love success, I love strategy, I love excellence, I love technology, I love a well-executed plan, I love crowds, I love speaking, I love compliments, I love new buildings, I love recognition, I love seeing a team come together.

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Oh, and I love Jesus too. What do you love? We have to find a way to move Jesus to the center. We have to fall in love with Jesus. We have to do it every day. We have to acknowledge that all the other stuff of ministry is often a smokescreen getting in the way of our love for Jesus and we have to strip it all away.

Love your family. Become the kind of person your family loves. Be the dad that your kids love to tell their friends about. Be the husband your wife dreams about. My secret was making me sick. Are you getting tired of hiding this part of you, of masking over the pain and the shame? Is it a secret that only you and your spouse know about?

Is your secret making you sick? One of the secret weapons against secrets is also one of the secret weapons against sin. That weapon is… the light of day! Once you shine the light of day on it, it loses its power and hold on you. Once you tell your secret to another person, you share the burden of it, and it begins its descent into irrelevancy. God does not want us pastors to carry secrets.

They lead to shame, guilt, lies, a troubled mind, and emotional exhaustion. Maybe you need to share the burden of it with another, and to get help. A shared secret loses its teeth, and releases its bite on you. Dear God. We sweat over it, prayed about it, tried our hardest to fix it, and did make some progress. In fact, we made a good deal of progress. But we bore it in silence, and in secret, hoping no one would find out. If they did, they would think less of us, perhaps consider us unworthy of ministry. When it was time for us to move to a new ministry, I decided I would open up and let our new church leaders know up front what my secret was.

The Secret Life of Pastors

I was almost sick over it. No, I was sick over it! We were scheduled to go and candidate in two weeks, and I did not want to do that without them knowing my secret. I was honest and open. I shared my secret. To my shock, and delight, it was a nonstarter. That felt pretty good. See ya. Hasta la vista. Outta here. You want to know what surprises me? Problem people to be exact.

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I remember the first church I served. After a few months I was approached by a man who felt called by God to be my accountability partner — without asking me. He offered to take me out to eat one day, so I accepted. Little was I prepared for what was about to happen.

We have to own that. A while ago I stumbled upon one of those well-known job search web sites.

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Supposedly it is the largest in the world — matching thousands of employers with employees everyday. I was curious so I plugged in my education, experience, and the name of the mildly prestigious divinity school from which I graduated. Even if they wanted to leave the ministry, what kind of job could they get?

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Is it too late to start over?