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You may see lights above your head, off to the sides, above and beside the stage, and on the floor, and you think to yourself:. As we discussed in the video, 3 point lighting works to evenly light a person from 2 points in the front, and 1 in the back to give separation from the backdrop. In a typical space, that is a first light 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees up, a second 45 degrees to the right and 45 degrees up, and a third light 45 degrees up and straight behind the subject. This is the ideal way to light for most venues, and you can find where this is in your venue by standing on stage and pointing your arm at these angles, or measuring to find the proper angles via math.

The 45 degrees to the front and up illuminates all of the face, including under the eyes and excluding under the chin a bit, and the backlight provides separation from the background. The small shadows under the chin and eyes provide definition to the face, and are fine in most instances. The backlight is less important, though it does matter when you are shooting video. So make sure you focus the majority of your effort on getting your front wash correct.

The happy, optimistic angles I mentioned above are great…. Your first priority needs to be to get 2 great angles of lighting from the front, since this is what enables the audience to see you clearly. Looking for the technical details to apply to any type of lighting? Check out Getting Started. Not a Labs Member yet?

A Very Brief History of Lighting

When it comes to height, if the lights are too high they will create shadows under the eyes and neck that will make it hard to connect with the speaker. If they are too low, the light will blind the speaker, they will not be able to see the audience at all, and it will look flat, creating distracting shadows on the back wall or curtain. However, if you have to pick one of the 2 extremes, I would suggest going too low before going too high.

It looks a lot better, though it will wash out any color you have going on a set or banner behind the band. I note that there is no other obvious pblm with power or anything in the venue and we have done measuring of the grounding and the guy that did the tests said that it is ok… Sorry for the long post but i hope you try to do your best and at least read it and throw some thoughts. DMX problems like this can be some of the more difficult ones to troubleshoot. I have 24 inputs connected to my lights but only 12 of them are working. Reference the manual of your specific console to see what it is!

Hello David, and everyone here, greetings from Romania. I have encountered a fairly strange and i think rare problem with an old DMX console Coef MasterShow that i bought second hand from someone. The problem is regarding the faders some of them not all of them ,when i move a fader example when i move fader 3 it changes the values of that channel and also the value of the channel next to it meaning channel 4. I want to mention that i know how to use DMX, i know the functions of the lighting console and how to patch faders to certain channels an how to address the lights,i have DMX cables an the lights are functioning properly, so from what i see it seems a software or hardware problem with the console.

So all in all what do you think is the problem? Everyone is welcome to share some of their thoughts about this. Thank you to all of you here. I have a 4 bar stage lighting tree.

Stage lighting

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Use a PC-based console like Onyx to test your lights if needed. Related Posts. A lot to do about DMXis and much more! Hugo Robinson says:. March 9, at pm.

Lights Out Puzzle

Geof says:. February 7, at pm. David says:.

I and many others, for lots of reasons including poor vision cannot read words from screens. We need large print words…. And I am involved with a church with a seven figure stage that is before the decimal point. I do attend each weekend the band rehearsal, service run through and service. First lowering the lights lends itself to allow the worship service to become more observant than participatory. Second I find the songs change. We are now singing songs that no one can sing.

Lights Out - Tabletop RPG and Children's Chapter Book Series by Nathan Reese Maher — Kickstarter

They are done well, excellent in execution but again it lends itself to have folks that just watch. Thirdly the mix changes.

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My pet peeve here. The mix is now focused on a concert type presence and not something that supports a worship service.

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Again in lends itself to just watching. A while back, for whatever reason the typical worship set was cancelled and all it was a worship leader and an acoustic guitar. Personally I think something happened to some of the key folks and this is what they came up with.

See a Problem?

There were no funky lights, no cameras just a moderate overall lighting of the stage…and the lights were down. Simple modern songs that you could hear the words to and the closing of the eyes was made easy while you sang. To me that was one of the coolest times in worship we have had in a long time. Even thought of just adjusting the lights for special occasions, dramas, anniversaries or special events..

But agreed worship should be lit up. Great article. I absolutely hate playing during worship and not being able to see the congregation. It feels like I might as well be playing in a club. Playing a show is fine, but not in church. Cutting the house lights sends an strong signal that this is a performance to be watched, not a corporate worship event to be participated in. I think one of the issues is that many, many churches have no theology of worship and tend to stick people in the position of worship leader whose main credentials are having played in rock bands.

A worship leader needs formal theological and musical training, as well as experience gigging. Bravo Bravo!! Finally, someone with some clarity on this issue. Every church we try to go to they turn down the lights. I appreciate your insight.

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I have just come to the conclusion that these churches like treating their people like mushrooms keep them in the dark and feed them fertilizer the whole time. If you walk in the light as he us in the light you have fellowship one with another. No pun intended. Here is what has changed in worship and I think its sad. Ever wonder why no one is connecting? We could actually see our brothers and sisters, the people we are to carry burdens for and pray for. This made us feel a string sense of community and family. We knew who was missing and we knew who was new so we could welcome strangers and check on the missing.

We grew in the word and this strengthened the hearts. This made us want to participate while singing. Smaller churches gave opportunity for anyone to share a song or testimony.

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This built our faith and encouraged confidence and trust. It is so so so sad to go to church and sit in the dark. This discourages actual Bible reading. It just seems more authentic that you can read the book. Very sad. I wonder why anyone would even want to get up early, get dressed, go out and sit in the dark, feeling alone just like they do at home.