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After watching all nine ultra-jacked films and taking into consideration things like critical reception, box-office performance, significance to the franchise, heartstrings pulled, lessons imparted, etc.

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Consider 2 Fast the weird adolescent period of the franchise. Tyrese and Ludacris would eventually join the franchise and become worthy additions to the Family, but in their first appearance they make the movie feel more like a spinoff than a linear progression. Look, any Fast and Furious movie is going to be fun to watch, and listening to Tyrese and Luda deliver hammy one-liners is a great time, but the best part about 2 Fast is that it convinced Vin Diesel he needed to come back to the franchise.


Paul Walker looks flat-out tired for most of the fourth movie, and killing off Letty just makes Dom and Brian and Mia sad. At least Mia finally got to be a getaway driver.

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The best-kept secret in the whole Fast universe is that Tokyo Drift is actually pretty great! The concept needed a reset after the band got broken up in 2 Fast , so the series went to study abroad in Japan for a semester. So thanks for the memories, Tokyo.

The Alarming News

And it was awesome instead of a bloated catastrophe? Dom and Brian drive a car from one skyscraper to another — through the air. Did we mention Kurt Russell is there? Of course, the DNA of the Fast founding father is still all over this franchise extension, what with the requisite monologues about family, the extreme vehicle chases, and the penchant for nitrous oxide. The titular characters are a perfect odd couple, played by some of the most charismatic men in Hollywood. Fast Five was a go-for-broke attempt that would either rejuvenate the Fast films or be their death knell.

Fortunately, it was very much the former. It also earned the strongest critical reviews for the series to that point. Can you personally relate somehow to the ways that various individuals in this collection confronted fate? Why do you think that with all of the adventures, trials and plights the author faced, she chose to end the book with a discussion on her battle with Lyme disease? How does this particular piece encapsulate the major themes discussed in the book? Which piece of writing in The Opposite of Fate did you find to be most enjoyable — i. Share your thoughts with the group.

The Girl Who Changed Her Fate ~ Fairy Tale Stories for Kids

How do they manifest themselves in the various pieces in The Opposite of Fate? What role do dreams and the subconscious play in a discussion of fate? Do you think that her particular ancestry lends itself more readily to an appreciation of fate? Why or why not?

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Throughout this compilation, the notions of loss and inexplicable tragedy are ever-present. How effective do you think writing is as a means to ease emotional and psychological pain? Did any one individual in this book affect you more than others? What was it about their story that influenced you? How do you think this passage fits in to a compilation of writing on fate? How is it reflective of the rest of the collection?

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How would you describe the relationship between mother and daughter? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first.

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