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Coala Filmes Av.

Autonomía Indígena Originaria Campesina in Bolivia: Realizing the Indigenous Autonomy?

Una mujer convive con su pareja, un hombre constantemente dormido. Una mirada reflexiva sobre el apego a situaciones cotidianas que oprimen, y la dificultad de salir de esa inercia para enfrentarse a lo desconocido.

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Her life, marked by loneliness, is monotonous and she clings to the ashes of a burnt down relationship. One day she meets a dancer by chance in the street, but she is afraid of accepting failure the loss of her former love and embarking on a new adventure. The film is a reflective exploration of the attachment to oppressive everyday situations and the difficulties of abandoning inertia and facing the unknown.

Born in Argentina in She studied Drawing, Music and Film.

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In , she moved to France, where she works as an animator and illustrator. The Sleeping Man is her first professional short film. He imagines numerous colours and underwater animals, but while he expectantly waits -with sun protection cream and armbands-, the vicissitudes of the trip will show him that sometimes reality can collide with fantasy. El mar es su primer cortometraje. El mar is her first short film. Miel y Palo Films Union St. The film takes place on the fringes of this new age, in which travelling is a fundamental requirement of progress.

Algunos de sus cortos son La carpa e Itaca Some of his short films are La carpa and Itaca According to this original animated film by Santiago Carlomagno, bad luck lasts long enough to destroy everything in its path. A black cat calmly walks on a wall without noticing or even caring that as he advances he produces all kinds of catastrophes; from a red balloon that escapes from the hand of a child into the sky, to an old lady who is run over by an ambulance. Born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At age 37, the timid Aldo is silently in love with his workmate Victoria. As in the making of a meal, Aldo will follow step by step the recipe for his declaration. D: Pablo G. Pablo G. En su primer cortometraje, Guillermo Greco da cuenta de una vasta experiencia dentro de la industria a la hora de construir un relato simple y contundente, apoyado en las interpretaciones de Nazareno Casero y Eugenia Tobal.

He worked as assistant director in the feature film A Boyfriend for My Wife and as second assistant in Dibu 3 , Kamchatka , Vivir intentando and Erreway: 4 caminos , amongst others. Born in Chile. Adoption, that intimate, emotional and legal determination of which feelings, affective needs and fearful elections have been the subject of many movies, emerges to its full extent in this risky and intense film by David Lipszyc.

The story begins —however it may seem incongruous— with the genuine beginning; that is to say with the child in the orphanage, sessions and meetings with the person an unmarried man who wishes to comply with that act of humanity and hope that adoption is; because he is overwhelmed with love and desperately needs to offer it.

Development proceeds immediately because the argument nuances soon begin to un cover situations both consistent and unexpected, while spectators feel like playing roles in the search, secrets, confessions, concerns, stories of others And because, unfortunately, it is part of our recent history, it also deepens into the dramatic moments which our country had to undergo thirty-odd years ago. It is necessarily a hard film, which ending, those who did not realize all the nuances of the possible future of these characters, can be considered happy.

Born in Argentina, he works as a writer, producer and director. This story, which I ran into by chance, speaks about things that have touched us all. Love and the search of identity in a context of political oppression and intolerance both sexual and ideological. The action takes place in the city of Sante Fe, in , where life is pleasant and peaceful only on the surface: everybody knows that there is a clandestine detention centre -in which many dark things take place at night- located next to the area of waste ground where the children play soccer and police-and-thieves in the afternoons.

Primer Plano Film Group Av. Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in Through this point of view we learn about power and use it. This film is about everyday power; the power every person has over someone, a casual and generally silent power, but always infallible. It is also a film about the consequences of the way in which we use that power.

Faith, Workers and Race before Liberation Theology

Founded in , it is located on the Atlantic Coast, 23 kilometres away from Mar del Plata and has a population of less than 2, According to Alejandro Montiel, Chapadmalal is much more than this: an abstract and enigmatic territory, in which it is still possible to learn something about the forgotten art of conversation. And Montiel explores this in a simple way, so simple that it seems easy: placing a camera in the Tourist Resort of Chapadmalal and asking several questions to a group or retired people who philosophize about life, love, work and the passing of time.

The result is Chapadmalal, a new and parallel town in which each personal experience is more precise and valuable than the Official Version of History, of the third age , in which the old is better than the new and the past is like a lighthouse which illuminates the future. Born in in Argentina. Focusing on experience and love from the perspective of cheerful octogenarians, Chapadmalal opens up to the knowledge of the wise old men of the tribe.

Besides being the only building designed by Le Corbusier in Latin America, the Curutchet House of La Plata was the first to have a unique facade; that is, one demarked by party walls. El hombre de al lado, which creates a strange atmosphere by means of the almost constant use of straight lines and cold colors, is a film that revolves around both the architecture used to design houses and buildings and the complex architecture of human relationships.

Curuchet House is occupied by polyglot, snob, arrogant and famous industrial designer Leonardo Spregelburd , who lives there with his wife and preadolescent daughter. Told like this, El hombre de al lado may seem another comedy dealing with local customs and stereotypes.


Un agujero en la medianera puede desatar lo impensado: solo ante la mirada del otro somos concientes de nosotros mismos. A simple party wall of thirty centimeters high can divide two worlds: two ways of dressing up, of eating, of thinking, of living. We can live all of our lives without noticing the presence of a neighbor that, nevertheless, stayed always right close to us, even a few centimeters away.

A hole in the party wall can unravel the unsuspected: only under the gaze of the others we became aware of ourselves. What is the history of the Falkland Islands? Who discovered them?


Who inhabited them during the eighteenth century and why did they go so unnoticed by Argentina and Great Britain before ? Through interviews to British and Argentine experts who use cartographic and diplomatic documents, Las islas didactically expounds the hypothesis regarding the first sighting, the discovery of the territory and the history of its colonization by Spain, France and Great Britain , until the outbreak of the war.

Trusting that History is the best tool to analyse and understand the present, Cervi reconstructs a chapter of the past to help us face the future. Born in Rome, Italy.

We found more than fifty maps from and we interviewed British journalists and historical researchers who hold no doubt about the Argentine sovereignty over the Falklands. History proves that it was just a political tactic pulled by Margaret Thatcher when her popularity was at is lowest point.

Le Grand Livre de l’Electricité

From some place in the Entre Rios jungle, and under the usual ski masks, commanders Chelo, Carlos and Pato announced the return of the armed struggle to Argentina and assured us that this time they would manage to defeat capitalism. After prison and social condemnation, Herzog convinced them to act in their own story.

Orquesta roja es su primer largometraje.

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Born in in Santa Fe, Argentina. Since , he works free lance as production director and assistant director for both commercials and music videos. In , he directed the medium-lenght film Blues maestro. Orquesta roja is his first feature film. En una casona en ruinas, un grupo de encapuchados anuncia la vuelta de la guerrilla ante un cronista de TV, antes de huir hacia los montes entrerrianos. Me obsesionaba esa escena. The scene repeats itself again and again in the Argentine television sets. In a big house in ruins, a group of hooded men announce, before a television reporter, that the guerrilla is back, and then flee into the hills of Entre Rios.

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I was obsessed by this scene. I needed to know the persons who took part in this event, recover their stories and explore this period of time; to reconstruct everything that the media had left out, showing the production conditions, imagining that period.