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The year-old con artist sobbed as the judge sentenced her to four to 12 years in prison on Thursday. The U.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said it will seek to deport Sorokin to Germany following her release from state custody because she overstayed her visa. Sorokin has been in custody at Rikers Island since her October arrest and was facing 15 years in prison. Sorokin was convicted of four counts of theft of services, three counts of grand larceny and one count of attempted grand larceny following a month-long trial that drew attention for her courtroom fashion.

Her defense attorney, Todd Spodek, argued that Sorokin had been 'buying time' and always planned to settle her six-figure debts.

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He told jurors that Sorokin lacked criminal intent and was merely an ambitious businesswoman who got in over her head after being taken in by New York's extravagance. He compared her at one point to Frank Sinatra, saying 'they both created their own opportunities' in New York.

Prosecutors, however, maintained that Sorokin was simply a fraudster just trying to get a taste of the high life. The year-old con artist was sentenced in a Manhattan court on Thursday following her conviction last month on multiple counts of grand larceny and theft of services. In reality, her father worked as a truck driver and later as an executive at a transport company until it became insolvent in He then opened a business installing underfloor heating.

Sorokin's father disowned her following the verdict last month and said that she had borrowed money from them too. It is down to her what she has done and it is something I am not comfortable to talk about. In an interview with Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Prava, her father said: 'Our daughter has never sent us any money.

On the contrary, she was borrowing.

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Of course we are very concerned about her. We raised her well. Former high school classmates said Sorokin was an honors student and excelled in foreign languages, including English, German and French. She had always dreamed of working in the world of fashion and magazines, her childhood friends recalled. Instead, Sorokin returned to Berlin and interned in the fashion department of a public relations firm. She then relocated to Paris where she secured a coveted internship at the French fashion magazine Purple.

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It's believed to be around this time that she changed her name from Sorokin to Delvey. Acquaintances say Sorokin had spent several years playing the part of an art-obsessed German heiress across the world before she eventually came to New York with a designer-clad wardrobe and the social connections she needed to make it. She quickly went about proving herself to be an impossibly rich heiress who had plans to shake up New York's art world with a multi-million private arts club that she thought about calling the Anna Delvey Foundation.

It would be an arts foundation that would include exhibitions, installations, pop-up shops, bars and restaurants. Sorokin was already brushing shoulders with rich people in the years before she came to New York and started dazzling Manhattan's social elite.

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Sorokin managed to avoid suspicion among her wealthy friends in New York for months. Spencer Garfield, a banker at the private equity fund Fortress, testified during her trial that Sorokin's loan was rejected because she couldn't produce proof of her fortune. Banker Ryan Salem testified that his City National Bank also denied a request to finance the private arts club because the financial statements just didn't add up.

Sorokin gave varying accounts of where her wealth actually came from, according to her acquaintances. She told some that her father was a Russian oil billionaire. Others were under the impression that her parents were high up in the German solar energy business. She never repaid City National. She also resorted to depositing bad checks and transferring funds out before they bounced - a process called check kiting.

When the hotel pressed her for payment, Sorokin told them a wire transfer was on the way.

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  8. But the hotel still locked Sorokin out of her hotel room in May while she was away on a trip to Nebraska because she couldn't provide a working credit card. She never paid the bill. Sorokin was scolded by the judge during her trial for delaying proceedings because she wasn't happy with her outfit choices and treating the trial like a 'fashion show'. Months later when she hadn't been paid back, Williams reported Sorokin to police and then the New York district attorney's office. It emerged during the trial that Williams had helped set up her arrest by arranging a lunch for the pair in Los Angeles.

    Almost as quickly as Sorokin was arrested, producers and screenwriters were clambering to secure the rights to her story. During her trial, she was lambasted by the judge for seeming to care more about the productions than the trial.

    She was also reduced to tears several times during the trial when the judge scolded her for delaying proceedings because she wasn't happy with her outfit choices and treating the trial like a 'fashion show'. The one-time darling of the New York social scene and her attorney had enlisted the services of a stylist for her courtroom appearances. The duplicitous story of Anna Sorokin is the stuff of a Hollywood fantasy. So it's little wonder that almost as quickly as she was arrested, producers and screenwriters were clambering to get to the fake German heiress who duped Manhattan's elite out of thousands of dollars in hotel stays and restaurant bills.

    Before Sorokin's trial had even come to an end, there were already at least two productions in the works; a Netflix series produced by Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and a dueling HBO series by Lena Dunham. Sorokin is desperate for either Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie to play her in the series. Robbie's representatives insisted she has nothing to do with either project. Sorokin was aghast that there were rumors Lindsay Lohan was being considered, Davis said.

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    My hair's not even red anymore, did you tell them that,' Davis claimed Sorokin told her during one conversation about it. Source: GlobalVoices.

    They must be able to trust in the fact that they are not being offered a counterfeit. Source: Europarl. It's clear that the passport is a forgery. Source: Tatoeba. And that could explain the difference between an original and a forgery. Source: TED. Counterfeiting is a crime and must carry specific penalties. So this is the situation with regard to the counterfeiting of euro banknotes and coins.

    We need to prioritise the fight against counterfeiting.